Drafting a marketing proposal is a big task that often leads to frustration if not successful.

When dealing in any type of business, writing a proposal is a frequent activity regardless of whether they get rejected or accepted.

It can be more cumbersome if you get constant rejections or landing business deals you particularly like.

Writing the best proposal is the best way to ensure you land deals. For that, you need to know what to include and what to avoid.

Focus on the client’s needs

While it may be tempting to focus on your needs, focusing on the client always increases the chances of getting the deal.

You can do this by telling them about your previous successful projects that are similar to theirs.

This will show that you have something to offer and as such, project you as a valuable partner. Keep the information relevant in order to keep the potential client interested in reading the proposal until the end.

Keep it simple

Using unnecessary technical jargon will make the client lose interest in reading the proposal as soon as they begin. Try to find the best combination of formal tone and an informal one. Don’t be too formal and don’t be too friendly either. Try to go straight to the point so that you don’t make the proposal too long.

Use available tools

The internet has many online tools such as software that can help you come up with the most befitting templates. You can also get a marketing proposal example that helps you created the best proposal for your business. Most of these tools are available for free so you can take advantage of them.

Use the correct structure

A good marketing proposal has three main parts that must be included. These include:

Problems statement

This is the first part of the proposal that should capture the attention of the client. Write about the problems the client is facing to show that you’re more interested in their needs. For this, you have to do extensive research on the client.

Find out their problems including those they haven’t even realized they are facing. If you can’t find the client’s needs directly, try to do research on their competitors and the market trends. This will give you a broad spectrum to look and discover some hidden problems.

Proposed solution

It would be a bad idea to create a list of problems without offering possible solutions. This second part of the proposal should talk about how you can create solutions to the problems you wrote in the first step.

Write about your objectives and your expectation about the possible outcomes as well. Every solution you come up with should be able to meet an objective and be beneficial to the client directly. With your objectives, you’ll be able to show the client that you’re the best choice for the job.

Pricing information

Come up with a clear structure that shows the client how you reached to the final cost. The right structure will enhance clarity and help the client understand you better. If done correctly, it will also differentiate you from your competitors.

One of the best ways to create good pricing is to create objectives and set timelines for them then put a price next to those timelines. This, when compared to putting a price after each service provided, will clarify this section better.

Define the role you’ll play

It’s not enough to tell the client you can provide solutions to their problems. They need to know at what capacity will you be doing that. The best way to show them this is by making what you’re interested in doing clear.

You can choose to be a consultant in which case your main role is to advise. In this position, you’ll be included in training the client’s staff and helping them strategize in the beginning.

You can also choose to be an advisor in which case the client will be implementing the strategies alone.

Your role will be to develop the strategies and plans then let the client handle the execution of those plans. Another possible role is the collaborative role whereby you’ll be working with the client in everything from planning to execution.


These tips should help you come up with a great proposal that’s guaranteed to land you the deals you desire especially when used together with a good template.

Get the best marketing proposal template and use it on different occasions to expand your business.