Summoners War is one of the most massive strategy based online multiplayer game. This game was developed by a South Korean based game developer known as Com2uS. On June 12, 2014, this game was announced and released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. it is available for both Android and iOS. This game has become a massive success with 50 million downloads worldwide.

Basic goals

The basic goal of this game is all the available scenarios in Normal difficulty mode. It is highly recommended to evolve the Water Magic Night as high as 5 stars. But, after this, you might wonder about the next goal. the answer to that is Giants Keep B10 (GB10).


This must be one of your first milestone goals because moving on in this particular game mainly revolves around getting good runes. If you have been playing this game for quite a while then you must have taken a note that all scenarios offered by this game are restricted in which runes that they are offered. GB10 provides you with the greatest chance for the excellent runes. You can enter into available tier in the Arena and also the Guild War with the help of the Energy, Fatal, Blade, Swift, and Despair runes that you will get from GB10.

Summoners war giants b10 team

If you want to form an efficient sw gb10 team then your team must consist of:





-(+)1 more (support)


Shannon is very important to your GB 10 team as it brings very important buffs and debuffs. When included in a giants b10 team, she reduces the incoming damage and increases the outgoing damage.


Bernard, the Wind Griffon is another great support mon for any sw gb10 team. It can be found as a drop mon from any of the available Tamor Desert levels.


Belladeon, also known as the Light Inugami, acts as the army knife made for Swiss Army for your summoners war giants b10 team. It will provide the team with almost everything that you will need. You can get Bella from a hidden dungeon only on Sundays.


Veromos is the mon that everyone concentrates on. It is the only mon that can act as a game changer. When included in a giants b10 team, it opens up a unique skill that makes everything a lot easier.


For support, the best alternatives are Konamiya (Water Garuda) and Darion (Light Vagabond). On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to unlock an excellent healer like Chasun then, you can also use her as a substitute. For a support mon, you should concentrate to get a mon that will heal, reduce damage and helps you to survive.


If you are still having trouble to complete Gb10 with your GB10 team 2018 then, you must take a examine at the stats of your mons. The suggested stats are:


-For the Non-Wind mon: 17k+

-For the Wind mon: 15k+


-It is 46% on all debuffer mons of the game (for example Vero, Bella, Shannon, Bernard)


-it is 170+ for mons like Vero, Bernard and Bella

NOTE: Sigmarus is the first damage dealer you should get for your GB10 team. Here is the best Sigmarus Fusion Guide.


So in this article, we discussed the Summoners War and also how to beat Giants Keep B10 (GB10) with the best GB10 team in 2019. The team has been made after conducting thorough research on the summoners war. Lastly, we hope that you really enjoyed reading this article.