If you are a gamer, you must have heard about eSports. Although live tournaments and events have been a part of video games, broadband live streaming has totally widened the audience. Recent reports from Superdata have valued the eSports industry at more than $612 million. The global reach and popularity mean that eSports represent a huge marketing opportunity for brands. Each individual game can attract million of audiences from North America, Europe, and Asia. This audience is crucial for brands that want to reach millennial. eSports will not allow you to reconnect with the audience, but also allow you to get high profits since the market is huge. Here are top four benefits of eSports Marketing

Gain Access to a Thriving Community

The community is of the key assets of the eSports industry. Nurturing this community can be very rewarding for many brands. Esports communities are built on strong shared values. One of these values is the culture of learning. This is advantageous for brands that are looking for a niche where they can engage and improve the online experiences of a community.

Global Reach and Growth

Esports draws its audience from most parts of the world include North America, China, and Europe. North America is one of the major territories where eSports as strong growth potential. According to SuperDat, the U.S. viewership for 2015, was at 14 million and is expected to grow in 2016. In Asia, where eSports pulls up to $374 million revenue in 2015, brands can still command incredible media. There are also other emerging marketing, such as China and South Korea, which can also be very profitable for most brands.

Take Advantage of Developing Markets

Although eSports is popular, it is still a young market. Brands that act as early adopters can build immensely valuable brand equity with highly devoted fans. The best part is that the eSports market is highly lucrative. One reliable source described the eSports market as a marketing goldmine. SuperData indicated that most eSports viewers spend about $200 annually on computer hardware. This has made a number of brands take advantage of these markets in their early stages.

It’s an Efficient and Effective Marketing Option

By partaking in eSports marketing your business will become more visible to a large number of people globally. This makes the eSports scene an effective an efficient way of reaching your target audience. If your business is looking to introduce a new product or increase visibility of an existing brand, then eSports marketing is the best way to go.

There were more than 58 million eSports enthusiasts in 2012 and 89 million in 2014. In 2017, the number is expected to rise to 145 million due to eSports global reach. This is a good indicator that eSport is becoming a “spectator sport”, making a fantastic opportunity for advertising and brand awareness. Esports is currently valued at over $650 million, and is continuing to grow year after year. Why not take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity and reap huge rewards in the future!