Are you struggling to gain traction for your app?
Are you looking to kick start your app’s growth?
If yes, the best way forward is to buy real app downloads from a reliable CPI service provider. CPI stands for cost per install. The service providers offer you the option to buy real app downloads. However, instead of just looking at the cost per install while choosing the provider, there are four things that you should look out for when you’re working with such a provider. We will today highlight these four things to make it easy for you to choose the right CPI service.
1. Experience of the CPI service:
The CPI market is full of fly by night providers. The problem is that they often cut corners when it comes to offering downloads. The downloads might not be real at all. In such a case, you will not get the benefit of those downloads on your app rankings. So, it is essential to know the experience of the CPI service provider
before taking a call. You need to ask them questions like:
• Since when they are offering this service?
• How many clients have they catered to up until now?
• How many unique downloads can they offer?
Depending on the answers to these three questions, you can shortlist the most experienced service provider. Irrespective of the discount the fly by night operators are providing you; it is better to go with the experienced CPI service providers. They know how the algorithm works and how these installs can benefit your app ranking the most. That is why, instead of just trying to save money, it is better to go with the experience provider.
2. CPI service reviews:
One thing which many of the fly by night CPI providers lags in is reviews and testimonials. You have to always ask for references from the CPI service providers. You have to spend some time contacting these references. You have to enquire from them about their experience with the service provider. Once you do so, you can pick the best service provider easily.
It will also help you in choosing one that can deliver on the promises rather than overpromising and underdelivering. That is why; one of the things which you need to consider is the reviews and the references.
3. The pace of downloads:
Has the CPI provider offered you drip downloads?

If you’re buying the bulk of downloads, getting them all at once will not help you with app rankings. It is a good idea to drip them naturally. However, you can only do so if the CPI provider offers it.
Due to this very reason, before you opt for the CPI service, it is better to enquire if they are willing to provide drip downloads. Only if they can spread it out, it will benefit you in the longer term. Otherwise, it will just provide you with a short-term impulse without any real benefits. You have to ask them questions like:
• Across how many days will the downloads be spread?
• Will the downloads be at the specific time of the day or throughout the day?
• What is the slowest dripping rate which they can offer?
Once you inquire from them about these three things, it is easy to choose the CPI service provider that can offer you drip services and, therefore, can benefit your app rankings and SEO the most.
4. Retention:
Since you aim to buy real app downloads , it is essential to enquire about the retention rate as well. Sure enough, the retention rate depends on the type of application for which you are buying downloads, but getting a general estimate is a good idea.
The retention rate refers to the number of users who would have the app even after the campaign gets over. Generally, the higher the retention rate, the better it would be for the ranking of your app. Due to this very reason, it is a factor that you should not take lightly when looking to buy app downloads.
When choosing a provider, it is better to compare their retention estimates to pick the right one. Many app developers and Webmasters ignore this factor. However, doing so can prove to be costly. It is one of the most critical factors which you should consider while buying such app downloads.
So, are you looking for a method to kick start your app growth?
Instead of struggling day in day out, it is better to think about buying real app downloads. However, before you make the buying decision and choose the CPI service provider, it is essential to consider the four factors which we have highlighted above. Once you do so, choosing the right provider is a cinch.